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Affordable, easy-to-use and friendly, M;T3R’s smart services bring home energy use into the 21st century.



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M;T3R ³ (cube), is a mobile app with optional logger devices that harnesses the power of feedback-loops to help shed wasteful behavior patterns.

Personalise customer experience

M;T3R provides personalised energy advice, helps your customers meet their energy budget, re- adjust their monthly installments or choose their tariffs.

Understand energy use

M;T3R monitors the household’s consumption in real time, as it happens. Create saving opportunities and deliver targeted offers for customers by identifying which appliance is wasteful and should be upgraded.

Engage on multiple levels

Data points can be recorded manually with a smartphone and the M;T3R app, or automatically with a meter-mounted logger device. Coupled with the M;T3R Cube the advices get appliance-specific and services may include remote-monitoring or predictive maintenance.

Load Factor One

Our demand response service offers home charging on discounted prices for Electric Vehicle owners and gives Utilities control over grid demand.

Control private EV charging

Control EV charging at your customers' home. Optimise charging time and speed from a system perspective, centrally. Time-shift EV charging needs from peak to valley periods.

Offer time-of-use tariffs

Our hardware solution enables remote management and measures home charging so utilities may incentivize off-peak charging with discounted tariffs. Price signals can be delivered via the M;T3R app.

Extend to other equipment

Distance management can be extended to home battery systems, boilers, HVACs or other household equipment. LoadFactorOne can be upgraded to handle vehicle-to-grid plans, by including a settlement scheme, based on the IOTA protocol.

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